To celebrate the release of their Creative Cloud package in 2021, Adobe wanted to do something special. So we took their logo and made an animated ‘collage’ of their most used programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Each in a unique style representing that specific software. 

The challenge here was to create a nice flow between all these wildly different styles. To help this we developed a guide that we called the ‘nexus’ to orchestrate the animation timing. 


Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Billy Mack
Creative Director: Jon Gorman
Producer: Russell Greene, Tracey McDonough
Art Director: Melissa Miyamoto-Mills
Animation Lead: Gilles Desmadrille
Design: Guillermo Zapiola, Haeri Cho, Hannah Sun, Kuu Chen, Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi, Mark Kulakoff, Max Vogel, Melissa Miyamoto-Mills,
Nikko Gary, Patrick Sluiter, Philip Sierzega, Remi Sorbet, Thea Glad, Will Burkart, Yker Moreno, Yukyung Lee, Zack Williams
Animation: Fabian Rousseau, Gilles Desmadrille, Hannah Sun, Melissa Miyamoto-Mills, Zack Williams
Compositing: Chris Ribar, Shane O'Hara