This campaign is a fun ‘a cappella’ celebration of music and personal expression. We took a section of Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’ and got to animate Freddie Mercury’s mouth singing this iconic song, mustache included. This spot is part of a larger campaign done at Buck for Amazon to push their new music streaming service Amazon Music.


Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Creative Director: Jon Gorman
Producer: Billy Mack
Art Director: Simone Noronha
Storyboard: Tucker Klein
Design: Amelia Chen, Olivia Blanc, Simone Noronha
AE Animation: Alex Perry, Gilles Desmadrille, Gonzalo Menevichian, Jon Gorman, Tyler Wergin
Cel Animation: Olivia Blanc, Sofia Pashaei, Tim Beckhardt, Tucker Klein, William Trebutien
Compositing: Alex Perry, Gilles Desmadrille