This was a partnership between Buck, Mailchimp and Kin as part of their ‘Give Where You Live’ campaign, an innitiative to put local nonprofits in the spotlight. They’re often the ones that do the most good in a neighborhood, and helping them has huge effects on the communities they belong to.


Executive Producer: Joe Nash
Creative Director: Jon Gorman
Producer: Gwynne Evans Reid
Production Coordinator: Hayley Newett
Art Director: Justin Cassano
Animation Director: Gilles Desmadrille
Design: Diego Abad, James Noellert, Jose Flores, Justin Cassano, Remi Sorbet
Compositing: Gilles Desmadrille, Jon Gorman
2D Animation: Gilles Desmadrille, Dan Cantelm, Diego Abad, Fabien Rousseau,
Matty Deans, Meitar Almog, Sean Merk
Editor: Cameron Kelly