Here is some of the work done at Buck for the ‘Miracle of Morning’ episode of Netflix’s ‘We The People’ series, a Schoolhouse Rock-inspired musical anthology series from Chris Nee and Kenya Barrisa meant to educate youngsters about civics in the US. The project was a Higher Ground production, the production company of Michelle and Barrack Obama. This specific episode was based on a Poem by Amanda Gorman, who also did the narration. 

At the first annual Children’s and Family Emmy award show in 2022, the series took home the Emmy for Outstanding Short Form Program.

Check out the full project here


Directed By: Kendra Ryan
Chief Creative Officer: Orion Tait
Group Creative Director: Daniel Oeffinger
Global Executive Producer: Emily Rickard
Executive Producer: Joe Nash
NY Head of Production: Kitty Dillard
Senior Producer: Billy Mack
Producer: Jess Pierik
Art Director: Doug Hindson, Yeojin Shin
Global Head of Design: Brian Won
NY Head of Design: Joe Donaldson
Storyboards: Diego Abad, Ege Soyuer, Laura Emel Yilmaz, Tucker Klein, Vincent Tsui
Design: Aran Quinn, Dadu Shin, Debora Cruchon, Diego Abad, Doug Hindson, Ege Soyuer, Pierre-Nicolas Riou, Ping Zhu, Remi Sorbet, Xia Gordon, Yeojin Shin
Global Head of 2D Animation: Daniel Coutinho
NY Head of 2D Animation: Chad Colby
Animation Director: Tucker Klein
Previs: Diego Abad, Laura Emel Yilmaz, Thea Glad, Tinghe Yang, Tucker Klein
2D Animation: Adrian Moran, Daniel Oeffinger, David Hobizal, Gilles Desmadrille, Gonzalo Menevichian, Johan Eriksson, Mercy Lomelin, Ross McCampbell
Cel Animation: Alexander Bernas, Andrea Castillo, Aran Quinn, Dadu Shin, Diego Abad, Kendra Ryan, Kuu Chen, Laura Emel Yilmaz, Olivia Blanc,
Paola Chen Li, Pierre-Nicolas Riou, Ping Zhu, Reece Parker, Sean McClintock, Song E Kim, Thea Glad, Tinghe Yang, Tucker Klein, Yeojin Shin, Yukyung Lee