In this campaign for Nike NYC, we mixed live-action and animation to tell the story of OMRC (Old Man Run Club) and inspire runners throughout the city.

Old Man Run Club was founded by three friends from NYC who joked about being and feeling old while running. In spite of their name, they are open to all genders, ages, and paces as a platform for getting runners more acquainted with longer distances.


Group Creative Director: Thomas Schmid
Executive Producer: Billy Mack
Associate Creative Director: Ege Soyuer
Producer: Tracey McDonough
Production Coordinator: Victoria Sigel
Lead Artists: Ege Soyuer, Simone Noronha
Animation Lead: Gilles Desmadrille
Writer: Amanda Bluegrass
Design: Ege Soyuer, Lumi Chang, Simone Noronha, Tucker Klein, Yeojin Shin, Yukyung Lee
2D Animation: Dan Cantelm, David Stumpf, Gilles Desmadrille, Johan Eriksson, Olivia Blanc, Sean Merk
Cel Animation: Olivia Blanc, Lumi Chang, Tucker Klein
Head of Editorial: Cudjo Collins
Editor: Cameron Kelly, Dave Conte, Peter Brandi, Talia Mazzarella
Head of Finishing: Jose Fuentes
Colorist: Dylan Hageman