In 2018 Qualcomm partnered with Buck to create series of animated interviews with two of Qualcomm's leading engineers to dig deep into the nitty gritty of 5G and what it will mean for all of us.

I was envolved in this project from start to finish including storyboarding, design and animation on several shots across the different episodes.


Client: Qualcomm
Directed By: Buck
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Creative Direction: Thomas Schmid
Associate Creative Direction: Andreas Bjoern Hansen
Producer: Lauren Teng, Alexi Yeldezian
Production Coordinator: Jenny Morris
Storyboards: Thomas Schmid, Tucker Klein, Gilles Desmadrille,
Rasmus Bak, Sofia Pashei, Stephen Kelleher
Design: Thomas Schmid, Pierre-Nicolas Riou, Gilles Desmadrille, Sofia Pashei, Amelia Chen,
Andreas Bjoern Hansen, Rasmus Bak, Justin Fines, Simone Noronha, Amelia Chen, Daniel Creel
Animatic: Tucker Klein
AE Animation: Andreas Bjoern Hansen, Rasmus Bak, Jordan Scott, Alex Perry, Gilles Desmadrille,
Nicolo Bianchino, Kavan Magsoodi, Chad Colby, Deekay Kwon, Vero Gomez, Wooyoung Kim
Cel Animation: Tucker Klein, Sofia Pashei, Daniel Creel
Audio: Antfood